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Click for the Internet's only free fully-searchable venture capital database.

A paid subscription lets you export contact records, including address, phone, fax, and email address, to other software.

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Free Search and Browse
Advanced Cascading Interface
One-Click Web Browsing
One-Click Web Google Results
VC And Private Equity Firms Only
Windows, Mac, And Linux Compatible

Infon publishes value-priced information products using breakthough user interface technology.
INFON.COM gives you mouse-click access to over 3000 venture capital and private equity firms world-wide. With over 400 industry, stage, round, and geographic criteria in a simple checkbox tree, you can pinpoint firms fast. As you click from firm to firm in the list, the next contact page, website or Google results page displays automatically.

With payment of a modest fee, you can send hundreds or even thousands of contacts at once to a single Excel file to export to your contact manager. INFON.COM includes 3000+ firms worldwide (2000+ in the USA), 5,000+ office addresses with phone and fax numbers, 20,000+ people, and 10,000+ email addresses. Fully updated for 2003.


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